Spring for Apache Kafka 2.9 Release Candidate Available

Releases | Gary Russell | July 07, 2022 | ...

I am pleased to announce that the release candidate Spring for Apache Kafka 2.9.0 is now available (2.9.0-RC1) in the Spring Milestone Repo.

This version is not provided by Spring Boot dependency management, but it can be used with Boot 2.7 (or 2.6), as long as you override the Kafka dependencies as described in this appendix, especially if you are using the embedded Kafka broker.

Notable Changes

  • This version uses the 3.2.0 kafka-clients version

  • Non-blocking retry bootstrapping is now more robust

  • New Error Handler Mode

By default, after an error, the DefaultErrorHandler performs seeks on the remaining records from the last poll and re-fetches them from the broker on the next poll. With high error rates and large max.poll.records, this can cause unnecessary strain on the network. For this reason, the error handler has a new property seekAfterError, when set to false, instead of seeking the records, the remaining records are retained in memory and the consumer paused for the next poll (or multiple polls if the error handler is configured to use the ContainerPausingBackOffHandler).

  • Pausing Containers

By default, when you pause() a container, it actually pauses when all the records from the previous poll have been processed. This version adds the pauseImmediate container property, which, when true, causes the container to pause after the current record is processed.

For information about all changes in this release, see What’s New.

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