Spring at JavaOne 2022

Engineering | Josh Long | October 16, 2022 | ...

Hi, Spring fans! It's Sunday the 16th of October as I write this and I'm winging my way to sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, where I'll be attending (and presenting at) the first JavaOne show in years! It didn't exist as the JavaOne we know and love for years, even before the pandemic interrupted life as we know it worldwide. So this isn't just the first JavaOne since 2019, it's the first JavaOne since 2017! I can't wait to be there, to see the amazing community, to soak up the sun and fun with my teammates and friends in the ecosystem. And we want to see you, too.

There are a few of us doing talks from the Spring team and we'd love to see you!

First of all: we have a booth, so join us there.

There are going to be a bunch of great talks from those of us on the Spring team and in the Spring community. Here's a list of some of the ones I'm interested in seeing:

  • I'll be doing my talk, Kubernetes Native Java [LRN1401], looking at all the latest and greatest in the Spring ecosystem, including Spring Boot 3 and Spring Framework 6, on
  • Observability: Beyond the Three Pillars with Spring [LIT3834] with Jonatan Ivanov and Josh Cummings, Spring team
  • To Production and Beyond: Metrics with Micrometer [LRN3692] by Erin Schnabel, RedHat, and Jonatan Ivanov, Spring team
  • Das Boot: Diving into Debugging Spring Boot Applications [LRN1402] by Mark Heckler, Microsoft
  • JHipster: Learn How to Contribute and Help Us Upgrade to Spring Boot 3 [CHA4945] by Matt Raible, Okta
  • A Stateful Spring Boot Microservice Using Spring Data, Hibernate, and JSON [LRN2797] by Michael McMahon
  • Oracle Autonomous Database and Spring Boot [HOL3736] by Andres Almiray, Oracle
  • Rapid Full Stack Development with JHipster and Spring Native [LRN2605] by Alina Yurenko, Oracle
  • React + SpringBoot Microservice + Autonomous DB = Native Cloud Java App [HOL2798] by Kuassi Mensah
  • Micro Frontends for Java Developers [LRN1392] by Matt Raible
  • Reactive—A New Hope: Learn from a Performance History [LIT3843] by Alberto Salazar
  • Batch Processing Cloud Apps with Java [LRN3686] by Rodrigo Graciano and Elder Moraes

I'm sure there are countless others worth your time, too! Either way, I hope we'll see you there!

If you're not able to meet us at JavaOne this week, that's OK - there's still time to join the Spring team and larger Java ecosystem for SpringOne, being held 6-8 December, 2022, in sunny San Francisco, CA, 94105! Join us! (Psst.: If you register now, there’s a $200 discount from the pass price with this code S1VM22_Advocate_200.)

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