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Spring Web Flow 3.0 RC1 Released

Releases | Rossen Stoyanchev | March 30, 2023 | ...

I'm pleased to announce that Spring Web Flow 3.0 RC1 is now available from the Spring milestone repository.

As mentioned in the 3.0 M1 announcement, milestone 1 did not include JSF support. This release changes that and upgrades the Spring Faces module to a Spring Framework 6, Jakarta EE, and Java 17 baseline. The spring-webflow-samples, including JSF samples, have been upgraded to the latest, and you can use sample changes as pointers for your own upgrades.

Spring Web Flow has also migrated from JIRA to GitHub issues recently, and that means you can now search, create, and watch both issues and pull requests, from the project's GitHub issues page.

If you have a Spring Web Flow application, with or without JSF, please give this release a try. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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