The Spring team at Devnexus 2023

News | Josh Long | April 04, 2023 | ...

The Spring team is out in force here at Devnexus! I hope you'll come see us. Here's my annotated look at what sessions I want to see over the oh-so-brief three days of the show.

Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

The fun starts today, with the Spring Boot 3 workshop with Spring Boot cofounder Phil Webb and Micrometer and observability ninja Jonatan Ivanov

Wednesday, April 5th, 2023

Tomorrow, the fun continues! At 10am, our friends over at Vaadin will have a talk, Full Stack Reactive with Spring Boot and React, that looks mighty interesting! My friends and Nate Schutta and Dan Vega have a talk, Spring Recipes: A Collection of Common-Sense Solutions, that I think will be super insightful.

At 11:30am, our friend Brian Sam-Bodden over at Redis will have a very interesting talk, Vector Similiarity Search in Spring with Redis Stack. My friend, the legendary, Mark Heckler, from Microsoft, will be giving a talk Let's Get Functional: the fast path to smart serverless with Spring Cloud Function and Azure Functions. Spring Batch community legend, and fellow Java Champion, Rodrigo Graciano will be doing a presentation Scaling Batch Applications.

At 1:30pm, Jared Rhodes - a Microsoft MVP and consultant at Epam Solutions - wil be doing an very interesting talk, Getting Started with Azure Spring Apps. While not strictly speaking related to Spring, our friends over at Gradle, Steve Poole and Justin Reock, have an interesting talk about developer productivity called Developer Productivity - clean | secure | fast.

The fun continues at 3pm, with Glen Renfro and Felipe Gutierrez giving a talk on the new-ish Spring Modulith project.

And, of course, at 4pm, I will be presenting a rip roaring look at Bootiful Spring Boot 3. This is going to be a ton of fun and a great way to close out the day.

Yah. That's right. I said "the day." We're not done! There's still another amazing day - Thursday April 6th, 2023 - so let's take a look at that, now!

Thursday, April 6th, 2023

At 10am, Spring Cloud cofounder Spencer Gibb will have a presentation on Spring Cloud Gateway: What is it and What's New. Tim Spann will also be presenting on Apache Pulsar Development 101 with Java, which I assume would include coverage of Spring for Apache Pulsar. Friend and legend DaShaun Carter will be doing a hilariously titled talk, My children will never deploy active-passive.

At 11am, Chris Bono and Christophe Bornet will be introducing Spring for Apache Pulsar. Cloud-native and my friend Whitney Lee will also be doing a talk introducing KNative, which is a powerful way to manage work and workloads on Kubernetes.

At 1:30pm, Steve Riesenberg and Josh Cummings will introduce Spring Security 6.

At 2:45pm, Spring Cloud Function lead Oleg Zhurakousky will introduce Spring Cloud Stream: Past, Present, and Future.

At 3:45pm, Spring in Action author Craig Walls will have a talk, Kontain Your Spring. Observability legend Jonatan Ivanov will have a talk To production and Beyond: Observability for Modern Spring Applications. Théo Lebrun will be giving a talk _Creating a Modern Web App Using Spring Boot and Vue.js and JHipster, which looks interesting!

Whew! What a roundup! There's a ton of fun to be had these few days! Make sure you stay hyrdated, take good notes, and I look forward to seeing you at 4pm on the 5th!

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