Spring Integration 6.1 goes GA

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Dear Spring community,

Hope you enjoy Spring IO anniversary in Barcelona these days. I'm not there this years for many reasons. Either way, it is my pleasure to announce that Spring Integration 6.1.0 is generally available now from Maven Central.

In addition, bug fixes version 5.5.18 has been released.

The Spring Integration 6.1 version is a natural evolution of 6.x generation with fixes and improvements which didn't make it into 6.0. Plus we listen to community and make some possibly, but convenient for target projects breaking changes.

Some highlights of this new version include:

  • Upgrades to the latest dependencies, but only if they don't break the public API we expose

  • Added Protobuf transformers support (shout out to Christian Tzolov)

  • Migration of Zip extension to respective module in the core project

  • The MessageFilter now emits a WARN log when a request message is dropped making it, technically, not silent as it was before

  • Now gateways and replying handlers don't block forever for sending and receiving operations.

The default timeout in the framework is chosen to be 30 seconds

  • The ContextHolderRequestHandlerAdvice was introduced to manage ThreadLocal values around handler method

  • The convenient handleReactive() terminal operator was added to Java DSL

  • The IntegrationComponentSpec.get() of Java DSL has been deprecated in favor of just that spec exposure as a bean to avoid misconfiguration problems where the spec internals might be lost

  • a PartitionedChannel was introduced for implementing a logic when messages with the same partition key must be processed in the consumer in the same thread.

See What's New in the documentation and don't forget about a Migration Guide.

The Spring Boot 3.1.0 will be released today including Spring Integration 6.1.

Now we have switched to version 6.2 which is going to be based on Spring Framework 6.1 with much more exciting features and improvements.


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