Spring Commercial Support Extension

News | Michael Minella | September 11, 2023 | ...

In November of last year, the team released major versions across the Spring portfolio, shepherding in a new foundation for enterprise application development on the JVM for the next decade. With that round of major versions, the Java baseline for the projects was increased from Java 8 to Java 17 as well as the migration from Java EE to Jakarta EE. Beyond the new baseline, we introduced new native compilation capabilities via GraalVM as well as improved observability across the portfolio. We realize that, while we put a lot of work into making the upgrade as seamless as we possibly can within our Spring components, Java upgrades and other aspects of this upgrade can be a challenge.

A couple weeks ago, we heard from Netflix at SpringOne @ VMware Explore on how they have approached this upgrade. During their talk "How Netflix is Upgrading to Spring Boot 3", they discussed both the challenges they have faced as well as the benefits they have seen, including an increase in performance by just upgrading Spring Boot and the JDK of up to 15%, which translates into real savings on their infrastructure spend.

We realize that these asks, while necessary for the ecosystem to stay current, require more time to handle in many enterprises than users would like. Because of that, we are announcing that we have extended the end of commercial support timeline for supported projects associated with the Spring Boot 2.7.x line from February of 2025 to August of 2025. This extra six months of commercial support is intended to give our community the opportunity to upgrade and take advantage of these new features on your timeline and not ours. Specific support dates for each project can be found on the Support tab on each project page (for example: Spring Boot ). We also encourage you to check out details on our support offering as well as other ways we can help with the upgrade in Solutions.

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