Spring Tips: Making the joyful jump to Java 21

Engineering | Josh Long | September 19, 2023 | ...

Hi, Spring fans! Java 21 and GraalVM supporting Java 21 are at long last here! It's been a long time in coming, but Java 21 - which comes out later today on the 19th of September, 2023 - brings with it some of the most exciting new features of any Java release. In this video, I (https://www.youtube.com/@coffeesoftware) will look at some of the foundational features from Java 17 and see how they culminate in Java 21. I'll look at the biggest features - virtual threads and pattern matching. I'll also look at some of the quality-of-life features that you might not otherwise notice, but that are nice to have. And of course, I'll touch on how virtual threads integrate with Spring Boot 3.2. And, as a bonus, I am joined by two fellow Java Champions (and friends) Enrique Zamudio (https://x.com/@chochosmx) and Eddú Meléndez (https://x.com/eddumelendez). There's never been a better time to be a Java developer, and the fun starts right here! #GraalVM #Java #Java21 #SpringBoot #Java

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