Spring Tips: Spring Boot 3.2

Engineering | Josh Long | November 23, 2023 | ...

Hi, Spring fans! In this installment of Spring Tips, I look at the new Spring Boot 3.2 release, due to drop today, the 23rd of November 2023! (23-11-23!)

We're diving into the cool new features of Spring Boot 3.2 and Java 21. We'll explore how virtual threads from Project Loom make your code run better and how Java 21 enhances your applications. Plus, we're building a Java 21 program right here! We'll talk about how SSL support and improved observability in Spring Boot 3.2 can help you in production. We'll also look at the new Project Loom and Project CRaC support can help you go faster with less work. You'll learn about how some very nice features in Java 21 - sealed types, records, pattern matching, and smart switch expressions - go hand in hand with production-ready services. Get ready to see how these updates available in Spring Boot 3.2 can make your developer life easier and more efficient.

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