Spring AI 0.8.1 Released

Releases | Mark Pollack | March 12, 2024 | ...

We are happy to announce the milestone 0.8.1 release of Spring AI. Thanks for all the community contributions and great discussion on GitHub issues.

This release has the following new features and improvements.

Google Gemini

Google recently released its Gemini AI Model. It has many exciting features and functionalities; check their release blog for an overview.

Features supported in Spring AI are:

Note that the Google Vertex Palm2 support will be removed in a future release of Spring AI as Google is decommissioning this model in 6 months.

Mistral AI

Mistral AI stands out for its development of fast, secure, open-source large language models. Take a look at the sample application.

Features supported in Spring AI are

Function Calling Improvements

We have made several improvements under the hood for Function Calling and created a sample application that demonstrates the portability of Spring AI’s support for functions across OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, Google Gemini, and Mistral AI.

OpenAI Improvements

Azure Improvements

  • Added support for function calling.
  • Native compilation of Azure AI applications
  • A new sample application shows these features.
  • Note that the autoconfiguration properties have changed. The property named "spring.ai.azure.openai.chat.options.model" is now "spring.ai.azure.openai.chat.options.deployment-name".

Qdrant Vector Database

Qdrant is an open-source vector database and search engine written in Rust, known for its fast, scalable vector similarity search service. Many thanks to Qdrant for providing this new implementation.

Spring Intializr

You can create new Spring AI applications for different AI models and Vector Databases at https://start.spring.io

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this release possible.

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