This Week in Spring - April 2nd, 2024

Engineering | Josh Long | April 03, 2024 | ...

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to another installment of This Week in Spring! You know, we've come a long way since you and I last spoke. It's April already! A new month! How bizarre. And, with the dawning of a new month, we're also more than 25% through this year! I sure hope you're paying attention. That little tidbit's blowing my mind!

Yesterday, by the way, was the first of April, and the tenth birthday of the first generally available 1.0 version of Spring Boot, released on the 1st of April, 2024. Happy birthday, Spring Boot!

Tomorrow, by the way, I'll have a brand new not-to-be-missed video on Java 22 over on our humble YouTube channel, do not miss that!

Alrighty, my friends, we've got a ton to get through (and I've already put a few things on your plate for tomorrow...), so let's dive into it!

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