Spring Integration 6.3 Available, also 6.2.5 & 6.1.9

Releases | Artem Bilan | May 22, 2024 | ...

On behalf of the team and everyone who contributed, I am pleased to announce Spring Integration 6.3.0.

In addition to regular bug fixes, dependency upgrade, there were some deprecation refactoring. The Migration Guide includes some of them.

Here are some notable improvements and new features:

  • The ObservationPropagationChannelInterceptor has been deprecated in favor of enabling observation on the specific channel.
  • The spring-integration-security module is completely removed in favor of API from spring-security-messaging module.
  • The MockIntegrationContext.substituteTriggerFor() API has been introduced.
  • The MessageHistory header is now mutable, append-only container. This provides some performance optimization when we don't create a new Message on every history track.

See What's New in 6.3 for more details.

In addition the 6.2.5 & 6.1.9 bug fixed versions were released.

The 6.1.x branch has reached its End of Life for Open Source support. The next 6.1.10 version will be released only under Commercial license in August.

We also are looking to start 6.4 generation for upcoming November release train based on work-in-progress Spring Framework 6.2.


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