State of Spring Survey 2024 Results

News | Michael Minella | June 03, 2024 | ...

TL;DR; Download the State of Spring Survey 2024 report here!

We asked...and you answered. The State of Spring Survey 2024 walks through all of the latest trends in the Java and Spring ecosystems. Responded to by over 1400 respondents, we asked about virtual threads, testcontainers, and native compilation with GraalVM. You told us about Kubernetes, generative AI, and upgrade practices in your enterprise. The State of Spring Survey 2024 was the most comprehensive survey we have ever put out and we are pleased to be able to share the results with our community.

The report, available now at, breaks down what we learned into four main areas:

  1. "Spring"ing into the Future - Architectural marvels and tech wonders
  2. Blossoming Projects - Spring's hottest innovations
  3. AI Evolution - Navigating the future of development
  4. Spring is your Oasis - Essential resources for developers facing change

Each of these sections provides key insights into how Spring and its ecosystem are used by your peers. We are excited to share the results of this survey as well as hear your continued feedback! Thanks to all who participated in the development of this report and those who responded to the survey!

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