Spring Framework 6.2.0-M5 Available Now

Releases | Stéphane Nicoll | July 11, 2024 | ...

We are happy to announce the availability of the fifth milestone of Spring Framework 6.2. We shipped quite a few features since our last M4 release.

Spring Framework 6.2.0-M5 is available from repo.spring.io/milestone now, check out the detailed changelog for this version.

Native Support

We have significantly improved the developer experience of registering reflection hints. @RegisterReflection has been introduced to easily register hints against arbitrary data types, and @ReflectionScan lets you opt-in for scanning of any reflection hints on arbitrary classes, not only Spring beans.

Web and Messaging

In collaboration with the Jetty team, our Jetty integration is now built directly on the core Jetty API, bypassing any Servlet implementation.

We've also added early support for rendering of multiples views (fragments) instead of a single model and view (e.g. full page). If you're using htmx or hotwire, please give it a try!

We've also introduced SmartHttpMessageConverter as a way to address some of the shortcomings of GenericHttpMessageConverter


Our AssertJ integration for MockMvc continues to shape up. In this milestone, we've added multipart and async support, better assertions for exceptions, debugging, and documentation!

The factory method used by @TestBean can now specify methods in other classes using a fully qualified form.

6.2 features recap

Check out our What's New page for details about the new features available at this point.

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