Spring Boot 1.0 GA Released

Releases | Phil Webb | April 01, 2014 | ...

On behalf of the entire Spring Boot team, I am very pleased to announce the general availability of Spring Boot 1.0! You can download the 1.0.1 with an important security fix here.

You'll find everything you need to get going at projects.spring.io/spring-boot, and from our ever-growing collection of "Getting Started" guides (most of which use Spring Boot).

It's been 18 months since the original request to "improve containerless web application architectures", that gave birth to Spring Boot, was raised. Since then we have seen 1720 commits by 54 different contributors, we've closed 549 issues, and have had the code forked 398 times. Thanks!

Why containerless? Today’s PaaS environments provide much of the management, scale out, and reliability features already, so we focus on making spring boot an ultralight container, great for application or service deployment in the cloud. If you've not yet seen Spring Boot in action, here is a canonical "Hello World!" web application that you can actually run using the CLI tool.

groovy @RestController class Example { @RequestMapping("/") String helloWorld() { "Hello World!" } }

The CLI uses the superb Groovy language to compile your code. You are of course also free to use the Spring Boot libraries directly with Java, or any other JVM based language, to write your applications. Be sure to check out the extensive reference documentation for a full feature breakdown.

If you're interested in looking at a slightly larger example of an application that was built using Spring Boot, try spring.io itself. We recently open-sourced the entire site as a Spring reference application.

For a smaller example, like a service, try the "Building a RESTful Web Service" guide. It shows how writing a service in < 100 LoC is pretty easy, you can even fit executable programs in a single tweet (140 characters)! You can read more about micro-services and boot in Dan Woods’s excellent article on InfoQ.

Thanks to the Java Buildpack team, you'll also find that Spring Boot applications deploy seamlessly to Cloud Foundry; and, of course, you can also use Boot applications with other cloud providers or directly in your own data center.

Finally, if you're an STS user, take a look at the latest v3.5 release which includes integrated support for Spring Boot (see the video below). If you prefer some other IDE (or you're more a Vim/Emacs kind of person) you can use start.spring.io to initialize your project.

!{iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/p8AdyMlpmPk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen}{/iframe}

Thanks again to all the early adopters that have tested, written about and submitted pull-requests for Spring Boot. Your feedback is invaluable to us so please keep it coming!

Project Page | GitHub | Issues | Documentation

Comments are back!

Engineering | Chris Beams | April 01, 2014 | ...

When we launched the new spring.io, we left comments off the blog. On one hand this was because we were time-constrained, and leaving them off was the simplest thing to do. On the other hand, it was an experiment in minimalism. We thought we'd see if we could reduce the number of channels for feedback, and in doing so improve the quality all around. We asked everyone to route their questions and feedback on our blog posts to the @springcentral Twitter handle, and many of you did that—thanks!

So how did it go? Well, we heard some feedback from the community that they miss comments on the blog…

First Milestone of Spring Data Release Train Dijkstra Available

Releases | Oliver Drotbohm | April 01, 2014 | ...

I am excited to announce the availability of the first milestone of the Dijkstra release train of the Spring Data umbrella project. This train iteration is a very special one as we have 5 new modules joining the release train: Spring Data Couchbase, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Gemfire and Redis. I am even more excited about that as the majority of them are community lead projects. These are the modules included:

Spring Integration 3.0.2 and 4.0 Milestone 4 Released

Releases | Artem Bilan | March 31, 2014 | ...

We are pleased to announce the final milestone release towards Spring Integration 4.0 and the next maintenance release for the 3.0.x stream. The 3.0.2.RELEASE contains a small number of important fixes for the 3.0 release. Spring Integration 3.0 users are encouraged to upgrade to this release as soon as possible. Please see the 3.0.2 release notes and project page for more information.

Spring Integration 4.0 is the next generation of the framework, which is now based on the new Spring Framework 4.0 Messaging Module. See the Migration Guide for information about migrating applications from…

SpringOne2GX 2013 Replay: Hadoop - Just the Basics for Big Data Rookies

News | Pieter Humphrey | March 31, 2014 | ...

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2013 in Santa Clara, CA

Speaker: Adam Shook

This session assumes absolutely no knowledge of Apache Hadoop and will provide a complete introduction to all the major aspects of the Hadoop ecosystem of projects and tools. If you are looking to get up to speed on Hadoop, trying to work out what all the Big Data fuss is about, or just interested in brushing up your understanding of MapReduce, then this is the session for you. We will cover all the basics with detailed discussion about HDFS, MapReduce, YARN (MRv2), and a broad overview of the Hadoop ecosystem including Hive, Pig, HBase, ZooKeeper and more.

Learn More about Spring XD at: http://projects.spring.io/spring-xd

Learn More about Spring Data Hadoop at http://projects.spring.io/spring-hadoop

!{iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/xYnS9PQRXTg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen}{/iframe}

SpringOne2GX 2013 Replay: Real Time Analytics with Spring

News | Pieter Humphrey | March 31, 2014 | ...

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2013 in Santa Clara, CA

Speakers: David Turanski, Luke Taylor

Today's solutions must provide the ability to interpret related events and understand trends that are happening right now. This session will cover some of the out of the box capabilities of Spring XD to tap into big data streams and generate metrics such as simple counters, aggregate counters, moving averages, rates of change, and histograms. Hands-on demos will show you how Spring XD uses Redis and GemFire's Continuous Query and Function Execution to incorporate real-time analytics into event-driven applications.

Learn More about Spring XD at: http://projects.spring.io/spring-xd

Learn More about Spring Data Redis at: http://projects.spring.io/spring-data-redis

Learn More about Spring Data Gemfire at: http://projects.spring.io/spring-data-gemfire

!{iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/g1tTK5PsvjE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen}{/iframe}

Spring AMQP 1.3 Released

Releases | Gary Russell | March 28, 2014 | ...

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Spring AMQP (for Java) 1.3.1.RELEASE.

The release includes some significant new features, including:

  • Listener Container

  • The listener container concurrency can be changed without first stopping the container and the listeners will be adjusted accordingly

  • The listener container can dynamically adjust the concurrent consumers, based on workload

  • The listener container now supports consumer priority (with RabbitMQ 3.2.x or greater)

  • The listener container now supports the configuration of an exclusive consumer

  • The listener container now supports auto-delete queues; redeclaring them if necessary when starting

  • Rabbit Template

  • The RabbitTemplate now has several convenient receiveAndReply methods

Project Sagan: open-sourcing spring.io

Engineering | Chris Beams | March 27, 2014 | ...

We launched the spring.io site at last year's SpringOne/2GX, and today I'm glad to announce on behalf of the team that we're open-sourcing the Spring-based application that powers it.

We call the project Sagan, and it's been designed to serve as a reference for building modern web applications with Spring. The code is available now at github.com/spring-io/sagan, and it's easy to get started. Here's a short screencast to prove it:

!{iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/90126708" width="640"  height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen}{/iframe}

Over the coming weeks, we'll post a series of articles on the Sagan effort, exploring different aspects of the app, decisions behind its design, and chronicling its evolution. For example, while Sagan runs equally well today on JDK 7 and JDK 8, we're not yet taking advantage of Java 8 language features. As we do that, we'll blog about it here, and in the process demonstrate why we think Spring and Java 8 make such a great match.

In the meantime, take Sagan for a spin! For a start, you can get up and running locally, and then try deploying to Cloud Foundry at Pivotal Web Services.

Note: Register with the invitation code "sagan" for instantaneous account approval. The PWS team has made a limited number of these available, so it's first-come, first-served.

From there, you can explore the rest of the howto-style docs in the wiki, and we'd love it if you'd provide feedback along the way.

As GitHub's contributors graph shows, the Sagan project has already been a big team effort internally. Today, we couldn't be happier to invite everyone reading this post to join us. There is plenty to do, and pull requests are welcome!

UPDATE, May 16, 2014: A replay of the SpringOne2GX 2013 session, "spring.io inside and out" is also now available.

Spring Data Redis 1.2.1 Released

Releases | Thomas Darimont | March 27, 2014 | ...

Dear Spring Community,

I am pleased to announce the release of Spring Data Redis 1.2.1! This maintenance release contains some bugfixes in RedisTemplate as well as in RedisCacheManager.

As always this version is tested against Java 6, 7 and 8, for compatibility with Redis 2.6 and 2.8 as well as Spring Framework 4.0.3. You can run this Jira Query for a complete list of changes.

We look forward to your feedback on the forum or in the issue tracker.

Cheers, your Spring Data Team!

Spring Framework 4.0.3 released - with Java 8 support now production-ready

Releases | Juergen Hoeller | March 27, 2014 | ...

Dear Spring community,

It's my pleasure to announce that Spring Framework 4.0.3 is available. This is the first release of the framework after Java 8's launch last week; it is built with OpenJDK 8 GA now and includes the latest ASM 5.0.1 (with bytecode support at the JDK 8 GA level as well, superseding the custom ASM 4.2 fork that we were previously using).


Spring Framework 4.0.3 also comes with significant enhancements in the WebSocket space, with a lot of real-life feedback incorporated back into the framework and its configuration options. It's…

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