Spring Cloud Hoxton.SR10 has been released

Releases | Olga Maciaszek-Sharma | February 11, 2021 | ...

On behalf of the community, I am pleased to announce that the Service Release 10 (SR10) of the Spring Cloud Hoxton Release Train is available today. The release can be found in Maven Central. You can check out the Hoxton release notes for more information.

Notable Changes in the Hoxton Release Train

See all issues included in this release here.

This was primarily a bug fix and documentation release. Hoxton.SR10 is compatible with Spring Boot 2.3.x and 2.2.x.

Fix for CVE-2021-22113

This release contains the fix for CVE-2021-22113. Please find the report here.

Spring Cloud Commons

Metrics and Tracing: Better Together

Engineering | Tommy Ludwig | February 10, 2021 | ...

This blog post was co-authored by our very own, always excited about all things Spring, Josh Long.

You've decided to put your talents to work in the service of humanity and - in the age of the pandemic, and having no other real skills to speak of besides software - you're going to build a web service that people can check for the availability of the highly vaunted Playstation 5 video game console, on your new website, www.ps5ownersarebetterpeople.com.net.

It All Started so Auspiciously...

Go to the trusty Spring Initializr and generate a new project (called service) using the latest version of Java ( natch! ) and add the Reactive Web, Wavefront, Lombok, Sleuth, and Actuator dependencies to the project. Click the Generate button to download a .zip

This Week in Spring - February 9th, 2020

Engineering | Josh Long | February 09, 2021 | ...

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring!

I'm just about to give a 2h presentation for the OOP conference. It's live. It'll be fun. Join us?

How've you been? You realize it's already the second week of February? Chinese New Year, a holiday celebrated by more than two billion people, begins on the 12th of February. So, seeing as how we won't get to talk again until after, let me wish everyone who celebrates: 新年快乐!

Making the most of available resources for Spring Boot

Engineering | Madhura Bhave | February 05, 2021 | ...

Whether you’re a long time user of Spring Boot or just getting started with it, there are numerous resources out there that you can leverage. Knowing what’s available for your specific need is not always obvious and this blog post is aimed toward helping you to navigate through these resources.


Reference Documentation

As a software developer, you probably already know that reading any project’s documentation can help you save a lot of time and effort. The Spring Boot reference documentation is a comprehensive document containing everything you need to know about Spring Boot. It is available in multiple formats, multi-page HTML, single-page HTML, and PDF. You can choose the one that suits your needs. The documentation is versioned, with current pointing to the latest GA release. Be sure…

Demystifying Spring Cloud Stream producers with Apache Kafka partitions

Engineering | Soby Chacko | February 03, 2021 | ...

In this blog, we are taking a deeper look at writing a Spring Cloud Stream producer with Apache Kafka and how it handles native partitions in Kafka.

Spring Cloud Stream has a middleware agnostic concept of partitions. Whenever possible, Spring Cloud Stream leverages the native partitioning capabilities of the middleware if it has such capabilities as in the case of Apache Kafka. This blog looks at how a Spring Cloud Stream developer handles partitions when writing a producer application that publishes data to Kafka. In a subsequent article, we will look at how consumers handle partitions in a…

This Week in Spring - February 2nd, 2020

Engineering | Josh Long | February 03, 2021 | ...

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! Can you believe we're already square into the second month of 2021? We're 1/12th of the way through the year already! IT'S ALL GOING SO QUICK! So, I won't waste any further time, let's get to the roundup!

Spring Integration AWS 2.3.5.RELEASE & 2.4.0, and Spring Cloud Stream Kinesis Binder 2.0.4.RELEASE & 2.1.0 Available

Releases | Artem Bilan | February 01, 2021 | ...

Dear Spring Community,

Today it’s my pleasure to announce releases of Spring Integration for Amazon Web Services extension versions 2.3.5.RELEASE & 2.4.0, and Spring Cloud Stream Binder for AWS Kinesis versions 2.0.4.RELEASE & 2.1.0.

These releases can be downloaded from Maven Central, JCenter:

compile "org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-aws:2.3.5.RELEASE"

If you don’t use Kinesis Binder. Or via Binder dependency:

compile "org.springframework.cloud:spring-cloud-stream-binder-kinesis:2.0.4.RELEASE"

Mostly these versions have bug fixes and some community feedback refinements…

YMNNALFT: A lightweight SQL data mapper with the JdbcTemplate

Engineering | Josh Long | February 01, 2021 | ...

Welcome to another installment of You May Not Need Another Library For That (YMNNALFT)! I've spent a lot of time since 2016 illuminating (or trying to, anyway!) some of the more enormous opportunities in the Spring ecosystem in my Spring Tips videos. Today, however, I come to you in a different spirit, wanting to focus on the little, sometimes hidden, gems that do fantastic things and that might spare you an additional third-party dependency and its implied complexity.

I think the first use I had for Spring, more than 15 years ago, was the JdbcTemplate, which eliminated the eye-watering and…

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