Spring Cloud Kubernetes

2.0.0 M1

Spring Cloud Kubernetes provide Spring Cloud common interface implementations that consume Kubernetes native services. The main objective of the projects provided in this repository is to facilitate the integration of Spring Cloud and Spring Boot applications running inside Kubernetes.


  • Kubernetes awareness

  • DiscoveryClient implementation

  • PropertySource objects configured via ConfigMaps

  • Client side loadbalancing via Netflix Ribbon

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is by including the Spring Cloud BOM and then adding spring-cloud-starter-kubernetes-all to your application’s classpath. If you don’t want to include all of the Spring Cloud Kubernetes features you can add individual starters for the features you would like. By default Spring Cloud Kubernetes will enable the kubernetes profile when it detects it is running inside a Kubernetes cluster. You can take advantage of this by creating a kubernetes-application configuration properties for anything specific to Kubernetes you might want to configure. Once the starter is on the classpath the application should behave as any other Spring Cloud application.

Spring Initializr

Quickstart Your Project

Bootstrap your application with Spring Initializr.


Each Spring project has its own; it explains in great details how you can use project features and what you can achieve with them.
2.0.0 M1 PRE CURRENT Reference Doc. API Doc.
1.1.4 SNAPSHOT CURRENT Reference Doc. API Doc.
1.1.3 CURRENT GA Reference Doc. API Doc.
1.0.5 SNAPSHOT Reference Doc. API Doc.
1.0.4 GA Reference Doc. API Doc.

A few examples to try out: