Spring Cloud Stream Applications


Spring Cloud Stream Applications are standalone executable applications that communicate over messaging middleware such as Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ.

These applications can run independently on a variety of runtime platforms, including Kubernetes, Docker, Cloud Foundry, or even on your laptop.


  • Out-of-the-box applications ready to run as standalone Spring Boot applications.

  • Assemble a set of applications into a coherent streaming data pipeline in Spring Cloud Data Flow.

  • Override configuration parameters via application properties, environment variables, or in the YAML file.

Quick Start

Step 1 - Download the latest time-source application from here [eg: /3.0.3-SNAPSHOT/time-source-kafka-3.0.3-SNAPSHOT.jar]

Step 2 - Download the latest log-sink application from here [eg: /3.0.3-SNAPSHOT/log-sink-kafka-3.0.3-SNAPSHOT.jar]

Step 3 - Start Kafka

Step 4 - Start the Time Source producer application pointing to ticktock topic in Kafka

java -jar time-source-kafka-***.jar

Step 5 - Start the Log Sink consumer application pointing to ticktock topic in Kafka

java -jar log-sink-kafka-***.jar

Step 6 - Verify ticktock output in the log-sink logs

HTTP Repository Location for Apps

Versions: Boot / Stream

Rabbit MQ

Apache Kafka

Spring Boot 2.3.x / Spring Cloud Stream 3.0.x

Stable Release / Latest Snapshot

Stable Release / Latest Snapshot

Spring Initializr

Quickstart Your Project

Bootstrap your application with Spring Initializr.


Each Spring project has its own; it explains in great details how you can use project features and what you can achieve with them.
2020.0.2 CURRENT GA Reference Doc. API Doc.
2020.0.3-SNAPSHOT SNAPSHOT Reference Doc. API Doc.