Spring Cloud Stream Applications2021.1.2

Spring Cloud Stream Applications are standalone executable applications that communicate over messaging middleware such as Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ.

These applications can run independently on a variety of runtime platforms, including Kubernetes, Docker, Cloud Foundry, or even on your laptop.


  • Out-of-the-box applications ready to run as standalone Spring Boot applications.

  • Assemble a set of applications into a coherent streaming data pipeline in Spring Cloud Data Flow.

  • Override configuration parameters via application properties, environment variables, or in the YAML file.

Available Applications

Source Sink Processor
CDC Debezium Analytics Aggregator
File Cassandra Bridge
FTP Elasticsearch Filter
Geode File Groovy
HTTP FTP Header Enricher
JDBC Geode HTTP-Request
JMS JDBC Image Recognition
Load Generator Log Object Detection
Mail MongoDB Semantic Segmentation
MongoDB MQTT Script
MQTT Pgcopy Splitter
Rabbit Rabbit Transform
S3 Redis Twitter Trend
SFTP Router
Syslog RSocket
Twitter Message TCP
Twitter Search Throughput
Twitter Stream Twitter Message
Websocket Twitter Update
Wavefront Websocket

Quick Start

Step 1 - Download the latest time-source application from here (eg: 3.2.2-SNAPSHOT)

Step 2 - Download the latest log-sink application from here (eg: 3.2.2-SNAPSHOT)

Step 3 - Start Kafka

Step 4 - Start the Time Source producer application pointing to ticktock topic in Kafka

java -jar time-source-kafka-***.jar --spring.cloud.stream.bindings.output.destination=ticktock

Step 5 - Start the Log Sink consumer application pointing to ticktock topic in Kafka

java -jar log-sink-kafka-***.jar --spring.cloud.stream.bindings.input.destination=ticktock --server.port=0

Step 6 - Verify ticktock output in the log-sink logs

Stream Applications and Spring Cloud Data Flow (**)

Artifact Type Stable Release Snapshot Release
RabbitMQ + Maven https://dataflow.spring.io/rabbitmq-maven-latest https://dataflow.spring.io/rabbitmq-maven-latest-snapshot
RabbitMQ + Docker https://dataflow.spring.io/rabbitmq-docker-latest https://dataflow.spring.io/rabbitmq-docker-latest-snapshot
Apache Kafka + Maven https://dataflow.spring.io/kafka-maven-latest https://dataflow.spring.io/kafka-maven-latest-snapshot
Apache Kafka + Docker https://dataflow.spring.io/kafka-docker-latest https://dataflow.spring.io/kafka-docker-latest-snapshot

(**) find out how to use the apps in Spring Cloud Data Flow by reviewing the app-registration section in the reference guide

HTTP Repository Location for Apps

Versions: Boot / Stream Rabbit MQ Apache Kafka
Spring Boot 2.6.8 / Spring Cloud Stream 3.2.4 Stable Release / Latest Snapshot Stable Release / Latest Snapshot

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