Spring Cloud Stream4.1.3

Spring Cloud Stream is a framework for building highly scalable event-driven microservices connected with shared messaging systems.

The framework provides a flexible programming model built on already established and familiar Spring idioms and best practices, including support for persistent pub/sub semantics, consumer groups, and stateful partitions.

Binder Implementations

Spring Cloud Stream supports a variety of binder implementations and the following table includes the link to the GitHub projects.

The core building blocks of Spring Cloud Stream are:

  • Destination Binders: Components responsible to provide integration with the external messaging systems.

  • Destination Bindings: Bridge between the external messaging systems and application code (producer/consumer) provided by the end user.

  • Message: The canonical data structure used by producers and consumers to communicate with Destination Binders (and thus other applications via external messaging systems).


Artifacts & Samples

Artifacts for various modules of spring-cloud-stream available in Maven Central repository under spring-cloud-stream-*.

You can also try our samples available in GitHub samples repository

Talk to us

If you wish to contribute you can pick any issue that is currently listed or simply submit a PR with functionality that you believe would benefit the project. You can also look for issues with ideal-for-contribution label.

Release Trains

Spring Cloud Stream release trains are included as part of the Spring Cloud release train. The following table shows a mapping with Spring Boot versions.

Spring Cloud Stream Spring Cloud Spring Boot
4.0.x 2022.0.x aka Kilburn 3.0.x
3.2.x 2021.0.x aka Jubilee 2.6.x, 2.7.x (Starting with 2021.0.3 of Spring Cloud)
3.1.x 2020.0.x aka Ilford 2.4.x, 2.5.x (Starting with 2020.0.3 of Spring Cloud)


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