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Oliver Drotbohm

Oliver Drotbohm

Frameworks & Architecture

Dresden, Germany

Oliver Drotbohm is Senior Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal, Java Champion and member of the JPA 2.1 expert group. He has been into developing enterprise applications and open source projects for over 12 years now. His working focus is centered around software architecture, DDD, REST, and persistence technologies. He is regularly speaking at German and international conferences and the author of technology articles as well as the first book on Spring Data.
Blog Posts by Oliver Drotbohm

Spring Modulith 0.1 released

Hot on the heels of Spring Boot 3.0 GA, it’s my pleasure to announce the availability of Spring Modulith 0.1. The release concludes the integration of the Moduliths project into the Spring ecosystem. I want to especially thank Dmitry Belyaev and Björn Kieling who helped a lot during the migration and contributed significant new features to the project, the event publication repository implementations for JDBC and MongoDB in particular.

For a general introduction into the project, please check out the original announcement and this InfoQ article.


Spring Modulith 0.1 RC1 released

I am pleased to announce the first and final release candidate of Spring Modulith 0.1. The release primarily is a preparation for the GA one to follow Spring Boot 3.0 GA some time next week. That said, we managed to sneak a couple of improvements into the Application Module Canvas that will surely be helpful. The Canvas now lists Spring bean references into other modules explicitly and thus documents the required interface of the module, just like constructor arguments describe the dependencies of a class.


Spring Modulith 0.1 M2 released

I am pleased to announce the availability of the second milestone of Spring Modulith 0.1. The release contains a few minor bug fixes and a couple of community contributions to the reference documentation. Find a complete overview about the changes included in the release here. For a general introduction into the project, please consult the announcing blog post.

The current plan is to ship an 0.1 RC1 after Spring Boot’s second RC, followed by a GA version on the heels of Boot’s GA.


Introducing Spring Modulith

When designing software systems, architects and developers have plenty of architectural options to choose from. Microservice-based systems have become ubiquitous in the last couple of years. However, the idea of monolithic, modular systems has also regained popularity recently. Independent of the architectural style ultimately selected, the individual applications comprising the overall system need their structure to be evolvable and able to follow changes in business requirements.

Traditionally, application frameworks have provided structural guidance by providing abstractions aligned with technical concepts, such as Spring Framework’s stereotype annotations (@Controller, @Service, @Repository, and so on). However, shifting the focus to align code structure with the domain has proven to lead to better structured applications that are ultimately more understandable and maintainable. Until now, the Spring team has given verbal and written guidance on how we recommend structuring your Spring Boot applications. We decided that we can do more than that.


Spring HATEOAS 1.4 released

I am excited to announce that Spring HATEOAS 1.4 GA has been part of the cascade of releases that lead to the Spring Boot 2.6 last week. The release ships a couple of new features and all bug fixes we have incorporated in the 1.3.x line. The most notable new features are:

  • Full support for level 4 URI templates

  • Support for non-composite request parameter rendering

  • Improved HAL-FORMS support (additional property constraints, custom media types)

  • Additional HTML input types (checkbox, radio, file)

  • General dependency upgrades, including Spring Framework 5.3.13 and Jackson 2.13.9.


Spring HATEOAS 1.3 M2 released

For all users building hypermedia based API, I’d like to announce that we shipped Spring HATEOAS 1.3 M2. We ship two major themes with the release:


What's new in Spring Data Lovelace?

With Spring Data Lovelace just released in its generally available version last week, it is time to have a brief walk through the new features we have added. The release train is pretty packed with features. In this blog post, I cover the more general ones. Advanced, store-specific news is covered in the following blog posts:


Spring Data Lovelace RC2 available

On behalf of the Spring Data team, I’d like to announce the availability of the Lovelace RC2 release. This ships in preparation of Spring Boot 2.1 M2 and, of course, our own GA release mid-September. The release ships with 82 tickets fixed. You can find more details in the the updated and curated release wiki.

A pretty late but significant new feature has made it into the release: deferred repository initialization for Spring Data JPA. The feature allows your startup to use Spring Framework’s JPA background initialization option more effectively and can significantly cut down startup time. See the previewing example for details.