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Rob Winch

Spring Security Lead |

Rob Winch is employed by VMware as the project lead of security related projects within Spring. He is also a committer on the core Spring Framework and co-author for Spring Security LiveLessons and a Spring Security book. In the past he has worked in the health care industry, bioinformatics research, high performance computing, and as a web consultant. When he is not sitting in front of a computer he enjoys cycling with his friends.

Blog posts by Rob Winch

Spring Session 3.0.0-RC1

Engineering | October 26, 2022 | ...

Spring Session 3.1.0-RC1 has been released. The biggest news from this release is that Spring Session Geode was removed which means all of the Spring Modules now belong to the same lifecycle. This means that the Spring Session BOM no longer uses CalVer and instead uses the same version as the remaining Spring Session modules. For example, in this release the version of spring-session-bom is 3.0.0-RC1.

You can view the release notes for additional details around this release.

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Spring Session 2022.0.0-M3 Released

Engineering | September 20, 2022 | ...

On behalf of the team, I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Session 2022.0.0-M3. These releases deliver, enhancements, bug fixes, and dependency upgrades. For your convenience, Spring Boot will pick up these artifacts with its upcoming releases.

The following modules were updated as part of 2022.0.0-M3:

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