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Spring Framework 1.0.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Spring
Framework 1.0.1.

This is a bugfix and minor enhancement release;

the most
important fixes and new features are:

  • added
    Struts ActionSupport and
    DispatchActionSupport base classes, for
    easy access to a Spring context

  • added
    Struts ContextLoaderPlugIn and
    superseding Don Brown’s Spring Struts Plugin

  • reworked
    class for Tiles to be compatible
    with both Struts 1.1 and Struts 1.2

  • fixed
    Hibernate/JTA synchronization
    cleanup in case of Hibernate
    flushing failure on commit

  • added
    support for transaction-scoped
    Hibernate Sessions with plain JTA
    or EJB CMT, without JtaTransactionManager

  • fixed
    JdbcTemplate’s "queryForList"
    to correctly handle a single row
    with a single column as result

  • XmlApplicationContexts
    support file
    patterns as config locations (e.g.

  • SQLErrorCodesFactory
    caches database
    product name to avoid unnecessary
    metadata lookups

  • factored
    out message code resolution
    into MessageCodesResolver

  • refined
    internals of the AOP
    framework, for clearer subpackage

  • refined
    support for array/List/Map
    properties in BeanWrapperImpl

  • refined
    internals, for clearer handling of

As always, see the changelog

We particularly
encourage users of Spring’s
Hibernate/JTA integration to
update promptly, to avoid any issues in case of flushing failures.
Furthermore, users of Don Brown’s Spring Struts Plugin are encouraged
switch to the new integration classes.

The release can be
downloaded here

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