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Spring Framework 1.0.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Spring
Framework 1.0.2.

This release introduces a variety of enhancements throughout the
framework, plus some minor bugs fixes.

Among the enhancements in this
release are:

  • New
    "mock" source tree and
    "spring-mock" jar file, containing JNDI
    and Servlet API mocks for usage in applications 

  • CachedIntrospectionResults
    the JavaBeans Introspector cache
    for proper garbage collection on shutdown

  • Added
    ObjectFactory interface and
    for non-intrusive creation of prototype beans

  • AbstractXmlApplicationContext
    PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver for Ant-style config location

  • Added
    support for "xxx*" field
    patterns to BindException’s
    "getFieldErrors" and "getFieldError" methods

  • QuartzJobBean
    SchedulerContext entries as bean properties,
    just like it also does for JobDataMap entries

  • Added
    UserCredentialsDataSourceAdapter, for transparently appying
    username and password to target DataSource calls

  • Added
    RowMapperResultReader, to be
    used instead of a custom
    RowCallbackHandler when mapping rows to objects

  • Added
    AbstractLobStreamingResultSetExtractor and

  • Reworked
    "imagedb" sample app, with
    a redesigned implementation of
    the DefaultImageDatabase class

  • iBATIS
    SQL Maps 2.0 integration
    classes support per-SqlMapClient
    DataSource and lazy loading of paginated lists

  • DispatcherServlet
    ViewResolvers by type to allow for
    ViewResolver chaining (respecting order values)

  • added
    "doSubmitAction" template
    method to SimpleFormController, for
    submit actions without caring about ModelAndView

  • AbstractWizardFormController
    optionally supports "_page" request
    parameter, for proper handling of back button usage

  • Added
    support for
    "person.na*"/"person.address.*"-style field
    patterns to BindTag’s "path" attribute

  • Added
    DelegatingRequestProcessor and
    DelegatingTilesRequestProcessor as alternatives to

See the changelog
for details. We
have also refined our roadmap; see
our JIRA for a rough plan of what’s ahead.

The release can be
downloaded here

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