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Spring Framework 1.1 Release Candidate 1 Released

The Spring team are happy to announce the first release candidate of
Spring 1.1

New features and enhancements in Spring
1.1 RC1

  • IoC
    container supports Method
    Injection: the overriding of concrete or abstract methods, typically to
    look up a dependency managed by the container. This means even less
    need to implement Spring-specific interfaces such as BeanFactoryAware.

  • The
    IoC container can now obtain
    objects from static factory methods as well as constructors. This
    enhancement allows excellent AspectJ integration: it is now possible to
    configure AspectJ aspects using Spring Dependency Injection, like any
    object. We plan to provide examples of AspectJ integration before 1.1

  • Support
    for sending and receiving
    JMS messages

  • Support
    for Apache OJB as an ORM
    alternative, within Spring’s consistent data access abstraction

  • Significantly
    improved JDO support

  • Greater
    flexibility in translating
    SQLExceptions, and other JDBC enhancements

  • Support
    for nested transactions and
    savepoints when working with JDBC. Declarative transaction management
    can support nested transactions.

  • AOP
    proxies are now serializable if
    all Advisors and target are serializable

  • Improved
    Velocity and FreeMarker

  • Reworked
    parent/child bean
    definition concept: a child can now override any inherited settings.
    This can be used to simplify configuration.

Spring 1.1 final is scheduled for release in mid August, and will be
100% backward compatible with Spring 1.0.2. As Spring aims to minimize
dependency of application code on the framework, and because changes
are backward compatible, we do not expect that existing applications
will require any code changes to migrate to Spring 1.1.

The main focus between now and the 1.1 final release will be on
documentation and examples.

See the changelog
for details.

The release can be downloaded here

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