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Spring Framework 1.1 Final Released

are pleased to announce that Spring
Framework 1.1
just been released.
Since 1.1 RC2, some API clarifications have happened and a number of
bugs have been fixed.

There is also a variety of minor new features:

  • reworked BeanWrapperImpl’s
    property-specific custom
    editor handling to allow registration for uninitialized subpaths

  • added "applyBeanPropertyValues"
    method to
    AutowireCapableBeanFactory, for populating an existing bean instance

  • added "(abstract)" marker for
    properties bean
    definitions respectively "abstract" attribute for XML bean definitions

  • added support for SqlReturnType
    interface which
    allows to return custom types from stored procedures

  • added auto-conversion of
    java.util.Date and
    java.util.Calendar to java.sql.Date/Time/Timestamp for JDBC parameters

  • added support for WebSphere 4 to
    WebSphereNativeJdbcExtractor, autodetecting WebSphere 5 and 4 now

  • added
    to be used with WebLogicJtaTransactionManager on WebLogic 7.0

  • added support for direct JTA
    synchronization to
    AbstractLobType, as alternative to Spring transaction synchronization

  • added "flush" method to
    HibernateOperations/HibernateTemplate and JdoOperations/JdoTemplate,
    for eager flushing

  • added
    "getReportQueryIteratorByQuery" method to OJB
    PersistenceBrokerOperations and PersistenceBrokerTemplate

  • deprecated AbstractJndiLocator base
    class in favor
    of new JndiObjectLocator base class with explicit "lookup" method

  • added JndiObjectTargetSource which
    performs a fresh
    JNDI lookup for each call, allowing for hot redeployment in JNDI

  • added "cache" flag to
    JndiDestinationResolver, to
    allow for turning off the caching of Destination objects from JNDI

  • added support for ObjectMessage to
    SimpleMessageConverter, converting between Serializable objects and

  • added RemoteConnectFailureException
    RemoteLookupFailureException as RemoteAccessException subclasses

  • added JndiRmiServiceExporter,
    JndiRmiClientInterceptor, JndiRmiProxyFactoryBean (for RMI-IIOP resp.

  • added "lookupStubOnStartup",
    "cacheStub" and
    "refreshStubOnConnectFailure" flags to RmiClientInterceptor

  • added "lookupHomeOnStartup" and
    "refreshHomeOnConnectFailure" flags to

  • added
    "createMimeMessage(InputStream)" method to
    JavaMailSender, building a MimeMessage from raw MIME content

  • MimeMessageHelper creates
    "multipart/related" now,
    to make mails with inline images compatible with Outlook Express

  • added "validateAddresses" property
    MimeMessageHelper (off by default), delegating to JavaMail 1.3’s

  • added "http10Compatible" flag to
    RedirectView, to be
    turned off for sending HTTP 1.1 status code 303 rather than 302

  • added "buildPdfMetadata" callback
    AbstractPdfView, for adding meta fields like author to the iText PDF

  • added LookupDispatchActionSupport
    class to Struts
    support, analogous to ActionSupport but for LookupDispatchActions

As usual, see the changelog
for details. Note that the 1.1 code
base contains minor changes in various SPIs which are not
backwards-compatible. The API as typically used in applications is as
close to 100% compatible as possible, though.

Downloads are available through the SourceForge project page

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