Spring IDE WebFlow Support Preview Release 1

Christian Dupuis has announced a new preview version of the
Eclipse-based Spring-IDE which has graphical editor support for Spring
Web Flow.

Here’s Christian’s announcement from the mailing list:


Dear Spring Community,

We have just released the first preview version of the Spring IDE WebFlow support. Please use this release to give us feedback.


* Full featured graphical editor for String WebFlow Xml  configurations files.

   - Support for latest Spring WebFlow PR 3 features

   - Drag’n’Drop editing

   - Validation during edit

   - Print and Export (jpg and bmp) functionality

   - Automated lay outing of Spring WebFlow config file including connection routing

   - Side-by-side editing of the same configuration file in

     your favorite Xml Editor Plugin and in the WebFlow Editor

* Integration with Spring IDE Beans View and Beans Graph

   - Beans ConfigSet can be associated with a WebFlow ConfigSet for validation

The Preview Release 1 is available from Spring IDE’s developer
update site at Make sure you have
installed Eclipse 3.0 along with Spring IDE 1.2.0 and GEF 3.0.1.

Documentation is available at and

If you find any bugs or you have feature requests please file a ticket
at specifying the version

Thanks for your effort

Greetings Christian

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