Acegi Security 1.0.0 is released

After more than two and a half years of development, I am delighted to announce that Acegi Security 1.0.0 is now officially released.

Download | Documentation | Changelog 

In addition to more than 80 improvements and fixes since 1.0.0 RC2, this new release includes several changes to help new users. This entails a significant restructure and expansion of the reference guide (now at more than 90 pages) and a new "bare bones" tutorial sample application.

Furthermore, many of the frequently-identified problems experienced by new users have been addressed, such as:

  • custom 403 messages (as opposed to using the Servlet Container’s error handler)
  • detecting corrupt property input following the reformatting of XML files
  • a new logout filter. 

We’ve also refactored our LDAP services, made the SecurityContextHolder a pluggable strategy (especially useful for rich clients who wish to avoid ThreadLocal), and improved CAS support.

Please visit here for a detailed changelog. As always, detailed upgrade instructions are included in the release ZIP file.

The project’s web site at provides additional information on Acegi Security’s features, access to online documentation, and links to download the latest release. I will also be providing a presentation on Acegi Security at SpringOne next month, so I hope to see you there.

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