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Infrastructure changes in Spring 2.1-m2

With the release of Spring 2.1-m2, some significant changes have been made to the infrastructure of the Spring distribution. Please see the announcement and changelog for the complete list of changes.


The distribution has been trimmed from 26 JARs in 2.1-m1 to 17 JARs in 2.1-m2. Take a look at the changelog for the list of files that changed, but from the commit message, here’s what’s new:

  • spring-context.jar includes JMX support and core remoting support (no spring-jmx and spring-remoting jars anymore)
  • spring-orm.jar combines all ORM support packages (replaces spring-hibernate, spring-ibatis, spring-jdo, spring-jpa, and spring-toplink jars)
  • spring-web.jar contains web-related remoting and ORM classes (for proper use in J2EE EAR deployment structures)
  • renamed spring-dao.jar to spring-tx.jar, also containing the JCA support now
  • renamed spring-support.jar to spring-context-support.jar
  • renamed spring-portlet.jar to spring-webmvc-portlet.jar
  • module jar files contain module-specific "spring.handlers" and "spring.schemas" files now

Maven Artifacts

I’m also pleased to announce that starting with the 2.1-m2 release, each Spring module will now have source jars in the Maven repository. The 2.1-m2 Maven artifacts are located in a private snapshot repository at this point, but the final release will be in the main Maven repo. If you would like to start using 2.1-m2 in your Maven project add a repository location to your POM that points at If you are using any Maven IDE support, please also download the source jars and open any issues with them at our JIRA.

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