First Eclipse Gemini Blueprint Milestone Ships

Hot on the heels of the STS on Eclipse 3.6 and Gemini Web milestone announcements, I am glad to report that the first milestone of Gemini Blueprint is available for download. Part of the Gemini project, Blueprint builds on top of the Spring Dynamic Modules v2 code base and is the Reference Implementation for the OSGi 4.2 Blueprint specification. Besides the changes reflecting the transition to the Eclipse Foundation, 1.0.0.M1 code base has been upgraded to the latest Spring framework release.
Gemini Blueprint is dual licensed under Apache License and Eclipse Public License.

While the migration of existing Spring DM applications to Gemini Blueprint should be straight forward, a guide has been made available to speed the process.

Maven changes

Maven users can get a hold of the milestone from the zodiac repository:

<repository> <id>zodiac-repository</id> <name>Zodiac Milestone Repository</name> <url> </url> </repository>

Note that the groupId has changed from org.springframework.osgi to org.eclipse.gemini.blueprint and the artifactId from spring-osgi-* to gemini-blueprint-*. See belowan example on how the Maven dependency on Blueprint core (formerly Spring DM core) looks like under the new naming:

<dependency> <groupId>org.eclipse.gemini.blueprint</groupId> <artifactId>gemini-blueprint-core</artifactId> <version>1.0.0.M1</version> </dependency>

Feedback is welcome!

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