Spring Data Key Value (Redis + Riak) 1.0.0.M3 Released

Dear Spring Community,

I am pleased to announce the third milestone release of the Spring Data Key Value 1.0 project, with support for Redis and Riak, is now available!

Downloads | JavaDocs | Reference Documentation | Changelog

This release introduces several new features for Redis, such as:

  • Support for a new Redis client, RJC bringing the number of Redis connectors to three

  • New object-hash (and vice-versa) mapping

  • Improved exception hierarchy

  • Dedicated support for SORT, SORT/GET pattern and returned bulk values

Additionally, a new sample is now available that showcases the various Spring Data features: RetwisJ a Twitter-clone based entirely on Redis.

We look forward to your feedback on this forum or in the issue tracker.

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