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This Week in Spring: February 14th, 2012

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring. Lot’s of good content to go over, this week, so let’s get to it.

Also: if you’re in Stockholm, Sweden attending the JFokus Java conference, be sure to stop by the VMWare booth to say hi or have your questions answered about Spring,
Cloud Foundry, and vFabric.

    <LI> Alan Stewart has announced the <a href = "">release of Spring Roo 1.2.1</a>, which includes fixes for multi-module Maven projects,
        <EM>huge</EM> performance enhancements, and updated support for  PrimeFaces 3.1 and Google App Engine 1.6.2.
    <LI> Oliver Gierke has announced that <a href = "">JPA 1.1.0 RC1 and 1.0.3 GA have been released</a>. Among the many new features, the release includes support for locking, 
         <code>@IdClass</code> in entities,
        Support for <code>LessThanEqual</code> and  <code>GreaterThanEquals</code>, <code>True</code>/<code>False</code> keywords in query methods,
        added CDI integration for Spring Data repositories,

    and improved parameter binding for derived queries for null values.


    In this video from SpringOne 2GX 2011,
    Josh Long and
    Roy Clarkson introduce
    Native Android Development Practices
    using the Spring Android project.

  1.        In another video from SpringOne2GX, <a href = "">
           Dr. David Syer</A> discusses <a href = "">identity management with Spring Security</a>. He covers Single Sign On, security standards (including SAML, OpenID, OAuth, SCIM, JWT), how Spring Security can fit in</a>, as well as demoing IdM as a service.  
       Last week, Jason Weathersby and <a href="">Josh Long</a> put together an introduction to using <a href = "">BIRT and Spring together</a>.

    BIRT’s a fantastic technology for doing business intelligence and reporting, and Spring already knows about your data, so connecting them is a natural next step. Enjoy!

  2.     <LI> <a href = "">Tobias Flohre</a> is back with not one, but <EM>two</EM> great posts on Spring! The first, a follow up to his series <a href = "">on business component architectures introduces  properties and their use in Spring 3.1</a>. 
           The second post, on <a href = "">geospatial queries in Spring Data MongoDB</a>, is a <EM>fantastic</EM> look at  
           both geolocation, and the specific application  from <A href ="">Spring Data MongoDB</a>.
        <LI> The Java CodeGeeks have a great post on <a href = "">securing your resources with   Spring Security OAuth</a>. 
            This  post is <EM>not</EM> to be missed! 
            <LI> The YouTube channel, <A href= "">SpringTutorial</A>, has put together a high-level overview introduction of several vFabric technologies including <a href= "">Hyperic</A>, <a href ="">tcServer</a>, and <A href = "">GemFire</a>. Good content, and worth a look for your production needs. 

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