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SpringSource Tool Suite 2.9.0 released

Dear Spring Community,


We're pleased to announce the new release 2.9.0 of the SpringSource Tool Suite (STS). Some highlights from this release:

  • ships now with just released Eclipse Indigo SR2 (3.7.2)
  • updated to tc Server 2.6.3, Spring Roo 1.2.1, and Grails 2.0.1
  • now includes an AspectJ 1.7.0 based AJDT
  • support for Spring Integration 2.1
  • support for Grails 2.0
  • improved Gradle integration

More details on new features and bug fixes can be found in the New and Noteworthy document. Detailed installation instructions are also available. As always downloads are available from the STS download page.


Looking ahead, STS 3.0.0 is planned for July 2012 and will be based on Eclipse Juno (4.2).

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