This Week in Spring - June 19th, 2012

<P> This week the I'm at QCon New York talking to people about Spring, Cloud Foundry,  vFabric, and  much more. Attendees at QCon conferences always keep things interesting with great questions and ideas.  

As usual, though, the internet has given us a lot of great content to look at this last week, so let’s dive right into the roundup!

  1. If you missed Gary Russell's excellent webinar introducing managing and monitoring of Spring Integration applications, don't worry, the video is on the SpringSource YouTube channel.
  2. Details of the new release of Spring for Apache Hadoop 1.0.0.M2 are available. For information on the project itself, check out this in-depth blog of the highlights by Spring for Apache Hadoop contributor, Costin Leau.
  3. James Bayer has a great post introducing how to setup Apache Tomcat 7 as a server on Cloud Foundry using the recently announced standalone process support.
  4. Aljona Murygina has a great post on using Spring's asynchronous execution and scheduling support.
  5. The Codecentric blog has a nice post on using Spring technoloies to create your own RSS reader! Definitely worth a read!
  6. InfoQ has a nice post on the recently announced Spring Android 1.0 release.
  7. If you missed Spring Data contributor and ninja Oliver Gierke's talk at Øredev on Spring Data, Data Access 2.0, then be sure to check out the recording!
  8. The Cake Solutions blog has an interesting post on getting around a possible hangup of using Spring's AOP load time weaving with Specs2 tests.
  9. The Craftsman Spy framework has an interesting post on logging with JDBC using their logging JDBC driver classes and Spring. This driver lets you insert yourself between the actual JDBC driver and the API calls made to the JDBC driver where you can get visibility into the arguments and operations made against the driver. Very cool!
  10. The RabbitMQ blog has a post on using STOMP with RabbitMQ to build Websockets-based applications. Very cool stuff!
  11. VMWare's recent vFabric release, 5.1, has updated the version of the RabbitMQ messaging broker included in the suite to 2.8.1.
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