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Webinar: Simplifying Spring with Spring Boot

Are you fed up with searching stackoverflow for copy-paste configuration, do you want to write apps that can 'just run'? Perhaps you are just starting out with Spring and want a quick way to learn the basics without manually downloading and installing half the Internet?

In this webinar Phil Webb will demonstrate how Spring Boot can take you from zero to Spring with minimal fuss. We will look at how you can rapidly prototype Spring applications using Groovy, and how Spring Configuration in Java applications can be radically simpler. We will show how you can embed tomcat into your applications and turn a few lines of Java into a production ready, executable jar that is less than 8 Mb.

Europe Thursday, September 26 3:00PM GMT Summer Time London, GMT+01:00) Register

North America Thursday, September 26 10:00AM PDT San Francisco, GMT-07:00)

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