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SpringOne2GX2013 Replay: Spring and Web Content Management

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2013 in Santa Clara, CA.

Speakers: Daniel Lipp and Tobias Mattsson, Magnolia

Want Spring seamlessly available inside a CMS? How about being able to integrate existing Spring apps into your CMS without rewriting a bunch of code? What about a robust CMS solution for Grails? Meet Magnolia, a mature open source CMS written in Java on the best of the Java stack (including Spring and Groovy.) This session will introduce Magnolia's Spring integration and give you a tour of its architecture, key features and use. Along the way, you'll also get insights into the development of Magnolia's Spring integration, an overview of Magnolia's key features (like workflows, innovative multi-channel support and a damn fine user experience that includes touch devices), and brief tutorials on solving some key content management challenges faced by Spring developers. There will also be a quick detour into Magnolia's Groovy shell and MagLev, a Grails plugin for Magnolia.



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