Spring LDAP 2.0.0.M1 Released

Releases | Rob Winch | November 01, 2013 | ...

I'm pleased to announce that Spring LDAP 2.0.0.M1 is now available from the SpringSource repository at http://repo.springsource.org. See here for a quick tutorial on resolving these artifacts via Maven.

What's New?

The release adds lots of new functionality! Some of the highlights can be found below:

  • Spring Data Repository and QueryDSL support is now included in Spring LDAP.
  • Fluent LDAP query support has been added.
  • A custom XML namespace is now provided to simplify configuration of Spring LDAP.
  • Spring LDAP core has been updated with Java 5 features such as generics and varargs.
  • The ODM (Object-Directory Mapping) functionality has been moved to core and there are new methods in LdapOperations/LdapTemplate that uses this automatic translation to/from ODM-annotated classes.

Refer to the What's new in Spring LDAP 2.0 to find the full details of this release.

Feedback Please

As always, your feedback is critical to the success of Spring. If you have questions, please post to stackoverflow with the spring-ldap tag. If you find issues, please log them in our JIRA.

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