Spring Boot 0.5.0.M6 Released

Spring Boot 0.5.0.M6 has been released and is now available in the Spring repo. Instructions for installing and using are on the project website or in github. There are loads of updates in this release, including:

  • Auto-configuration reports to let you know what Spring Boot is doing on your behalf
  • Remote shell support via CRaSH
  • Support for JDK 8
  • A new Aether based @Grab engine
  • Lots of bug fixes

Here is a quick example that demonstrates the remote shell and auto-configuration report:

class MyRemote {

When you run this application using spring run example.groovy you should see a password in the log output:

2013-11-10 12:48:09.264  INFO 33677 --- [ost-startStop-1] o.s.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet        : FrameworkServlet 'dispatcherServlet': initialization completed in 980 ms
2013-11-10 12:48:09.648  INFO 33677 --- [       runner-0] roperties$SimpleAuthenticationProperties : 

Using default password for shell access: 062813ce-aaaa-4b92-a50f-67b156a923dd

2013-11-10 12:48:09.700  INFO 33677 --- [       runner-0] .a.a.CrshAutoConfiguration$CrshBootstrap : Configuring property ssh.port=2000 from properties

You can use this password to ssh into the application and experiment with the available commands:

$ ssh -p 2000 [email protected]

To take a look at the auto-configuration report simply hit the actuator endpoint http://localhost:8080/autoconfigurationreport.

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