Webinar Replay: Spring with Immutability

Speaker: Matt Stine

Readers of Josh Bloch's "Effective Java" are sometimes perplexed when they reach Item #15: "Minimize Mutability." If we are to minimize mutability, then obviously we must maximize immutability. While all Java programmers utilize immutable objects every day (e.g. java.lang.String), when asked to create our own immutable classes, we often hesitate. However, if we push through this hesitation, we'll reap the benefits of simpler reasoning about program correctness, free thread safety, and other benefits. One of the primary issues faced by enterprise Java programmers seeking to utilize immutable classes are framework issues. Enterprise frameworks from Spring to Hibernate have varying levels of support for immutability, ranging from decent to nonexistent. However, there several practical solutions available to the Spring developer, and this session will illuminate what's available. Learn more about Spring Framework at

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