Spring Framework 4.0.1 & 3.2.7 released - and 3.1.x retired

Dear Spring community,

It’s my pleasure to announce that Spring Framework 4.0.1 is finally available now, accompanied by a 3.2.7 release. Both releases come with significant bug fixes and improvements over their immediate predecessors and are strongly recommended for an upgrade. Please see JIRA
for details on the issues addressed in each release.

Note that the 3.2.7 release officially turns the Spring Framework 3.2.x line into maintenance mode. A 3.2.8 release is planned for later this year; however, it will only contain bug fixes and is intended to be the last regular 3.2.x release. Further features are now only to be expected in the 4.0.x series as well as 4.1, with the latter scheduled for general availability in August.

On a related note, one year after the 3.1.4 release, the Spring Framework 3.1.x branch is officially retired, entirely superseded by the 3.2.x line. Please upgrade to 3.2.7, or even straight to 4.0.1, in order to be on a supported branch of the framework again.



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