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Spring IO Platform 1.0.0 Released

We’re pleased to announce the release of Spring IO Platform 1.0.0 RELEASE, and represents some amazing engineering work. The highlights of this release are:

  • A Bill-of-Materials release (a Maven BOM dependency) that level sets the versions for you.
  • Spring IO represents curated and harmonized dependencies that just work together - tests cover all the Spring projects and lots of popular 3rd party open source
  • One platform, many workloads - build web (HTML-, websocket-, and REST-powered web apps), mobile, integration, batch, reactive or big data applications, or just great APIs
  • Radically simplified development experience with Spring Boot
  • Production-ready features provided out of the box (monitoring, metrics, etc)
  • Modular platform that allows developers to deploy only the parts they need
  • True portability across standalone JVM, embedded runtimes, full-blown Java EE application server, and PaaS deployments like Cloud Foundry
  • Depends only on Java SE, and supports Groovy, Grails and some Java EE
  • Works with your existing dependency management tools such as Maven and Gradle
  • The Spring IO Platform is certified to work on JDK 7 and 8 (though individual projects may support older JDKs on a project-by-project basis)
  • Ideal platform for building next generation, micro-service style architecture

Spring IO 1.0 is available now and includes all Spring Projects, with the exception of Spring XD, which is expected to be generally available later this year. Service, support and training for Spring IO is available from Pivotal at

Project Page |

For additional information on the release, refer to this blog introducing the Spring IO platform.

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