SpringOne2GX 2013 Replay: Tooling for Spring's next generation

Tooling for Spring's next generation

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2013 in Santa Clara, CA

Speakers: Andy Clement and Martin Lippert

The Spring Tool Suite (STS) is constantly evolving to keep pace with developments in Spring as well as the larger world of enterprise application development. This talk focuses on Eclipse-based tooling for the latest features throughout the Spring ecosystem. With plenty of live demos, we'll show you how to get productive quickly with Spring and STS. We''ll start with reviewing areas including XML-free Spring development and then look at early support for specific Spring's next generation features. We'll also demo the Eclipse support for Java 8 (also AspectJ support for Java 8) and spend some time looking at how this enhances your Spring development experience. In addition to the pure Java-based Spring programming, we will also cover the integration of the Groovy language tooling and show you how to program Spring apps in Groovy using the Spring Tool Suite. We will then dive into the details of the tooling to demonstrate a number of hidden gems that help you improve your productivity every day, like the built-in validations and best practices, quick-fixes, auto-completions, and automated refactorings. Last, but not least, we will review some of the performance improvements made recently in Spring Tool Suite.

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