Spring Data Release Train Evans Goes GA

Releases | Oliver Drotbohm | September 09, 2014 | ...

On behalf of the entire Spring Data team, I'd like to announce the general availability of the Spring Data release train iteration called Evans. The release ships 11 modules to help you build sophisticated data access layers on top of relational and non-relational data stores.

The major themes of this iteration were:

  • Upgrade Spring baseline to 4.0
  • Support for top and first as keywords in derived queries
  • Support for MongoDB 2.6 features like text search
  • SpEL support for Spring Data JPA (Spring Security integration)
  • Redis Sentinel support
  • ALPS and excerpt projections for Spring Data REST
  • Support for custom implementations in the CDI extension
  • Improved multi-store configuration
  • Asciidoctor for reference documentation

Here's the full list of participating modules:

The home stretch to GA allowed us to fix 72 tickets which leaves us with 294 tickets fixed and implemented for Evans overall. Find a curated change log for the release train in our wiki.

The example projects have been updated to the latest version already and are a good starting point to familiarize yourself with the new features. Watch this space for an upcoming blog series which will introduce some of the features introduced in greater detail.

The next train iteration is going to be named Fowler with an expected first milestone in approximately 6 weeks. We're going to ship a final service release for Dijkstra in about 3 weeks time. Looking forward to your feedback!

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