Webinar Replay: Process Driven Spring Applications with Activiti

Speakers: Josh Long and Joram Barrez, Activiti


Today's applications are complex, distributed systems that - taken together - produce results. Tracking the flow of work through that system, however, becomes increasingly more painful as automated- and human-driven tasks are integrated into business processes. Business can't react to what it can't see. Business can't measure what it can't see. "Workflow" describes the sequence of processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion. Workflow systems, like Activiti, describe and then execute these processes. Activiti is an open-source, Apache 2-licensed workflow engine that works with Spring and Spring Boot. In this webinar, join Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long and Activiti-ninja Joram Barrez for a look at how to distill, describe and reuse complex business processes using Spring (and Spring Boot) and Activiti.

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