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Spring Framework 4.1.1 released

Dear Spring community,

I’m pleased to announce that Spring Framework 4.1.1 is available now. As the first maintenance release in the 4.1 line, this release contains a wide range of fixes for regressions and other issues reported against 4.1 GA. A big thank you to all the issue reporters out there!

4.1.1 also comes with a selection of minor enhancements, for example: consistent handling of Java 8’s Optional type, a Jackson ObjectMapper builder class with refined defaults, some requested JDBC refinements, as well as specific performance improvements.

-> List of resolved JIRA issues for Spring Framework 4.1.1

We strongly recommend an immediate upgrade to 4.1.1 for all 4.1 GA users. The Spring Framework team is now working towards Spring Framework 4.1.2 at the end of October, which will be the foundation for the upcoming Spring Boot 1.2 GA release.

On a related note, along with 4.1.2, we are preparing Spring Framework 4.0.8 as the last 4.0.x maintenance release. If there is anything you’d like to get fixed in the 4.0.x branch still, now is the time to raise it! Otherwise, please upgrade to 4.1.x for ongoing active maintenance.



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