First Milestone of Spring Data Release Train Fowler Available

Releases | Oliver Drotbohm | December 01, 2014 | ...

On behalf of the Spring Data team, I am happy to announce the first milestone of the Spring Data Release train Fowler.

The release ships 170 tickets fixed, 119 of them unique to the Fowler release train. Find a curated changelog here. The highlights of the release include:

  • Upgrades to Spring 4.0.8 and Querydsl 3.6.0.
  • Performance improvements in converter subsystem by using byte-code generation.
  • Out-of-the-box support for JSR-310 date/time types (MongoDB).
  • Various (performance) improvements in the usage of SpEL (JPA).
  • Support for $bit, $mul and $position operators (MongoDB).
  • Improved proxy-id detection for JPA and REST.
  • Introdcution of QueryDslPredicateExceutor.findAll(OrderSpecifier<?>... orders) (Querydsl).
  • CDI repository extension for Cassandra module.
  • Upgrade to Gemfire 8 (Gemfire).
  • Version property based ETag generation (REST).
  • Upgrades to Solr 4.10.1, Elasticsearch 1.2, Neo4J 2.1.5, compatibility with upcoming MongoDB server and driver.

Here are the participating modules:

Be sure to check out the already updated examples. Get in touch via Twitter, StackOverflow or JIRA. We're looking forward to your feedback!

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