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Webinar: Building Scalable Data Applications with Spring and GemFire

Speaker: Luke Shannon

GemFire is Pivotal's distributed In Memory Data grid. In this session we will cover simplifying configuring a GemFire grid using Spring Data GemFire, and explore how data is dynamically distributed and made highly available as the grid resources are increased or decreased to meet increased client demand. GemFire access and testing patterns using Spring will be reviewed in detail. We will walk through creating a domain object and using Spring Data GemFire Repositories to perform CRUD operations on a GemFire grid, creating a Spring MVC/Spring Boot application that uses GemFire as its persistence layer, review how Spring Boot and Spring Data GemFire can be used to help with GemFire test cases and how Spring Data GemFire can make creation and execution of GemFire functions easier. We will also explore how Spring XD can be used to load and monitor data changes in the grid. This will be a hands on, code oriented session.

Tuesday, Jan 13th, 2015 3:00PM GMT (London GMT) Register

Tuesday, Jan 13th, 2015 10:00AM PST (San Francisco GMT-08:00) Register

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