SpringOne2GX 2014 Replay: Android and Groovy, a winning pair?

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2014.

Speaker: Cedric Champeau

More Groovy Track


For 10 years, Groovy has dramatically improved the productivity of Java developers on the desktop. With unique like closures, builders, AST transformations, traits, optional static compilation and many more, Groovy turned out to be a very competitive language on the JVM. Compared to other JVM languages, Groovy has the major advantage of being totally Java-friendly, both in terms of syntax and interperability. But during those years, what happened on the mobile world? In particular, Android developers are used to develop applications in Java, so why Groovy, a JVM language, wouldn't be usable for Android development too? Can we ease the pain of Android developers too?

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