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Spring Roo 1.3.1.RELEASE now available

On behalf of the Spring Roo Team at Disid Corp, we are pleased to announce the 1.3.1.RELEASE is out!

Spring Roo 1.3.1.RC2 was closed without new reported issues.

Spring Roo jar files have been published to Maven Central.

It is recommended that all Spring Roo users upgrade to this version. For full details on the changes made in the release, please refer to the Spring Roo 1.3.1.RC1 Release Notes and Spring Roo 1.3.1.RC2 Release Notes in JIRA.

Thanks to all awesome users who came up with useful bug reports and suggestions, currently we are working on defining final points of Spring Roo 2.0 Roadmap and it will be published as soon as possible.

For more specific information about Spring Roo project please see the Project Page or GitHub. As always, you'll also find Roo on Twitter - either follow @SpringRoo or just include #SpringRoo in your tweets. Stay tuned to Spring Roo news!

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