This Week in Spring - March 17th, 2015

Engineering | Josh Long | March 17, 2015 | ...

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I've been busily preparin for a workshop I'll be giving at QCon São Paulo next week. If you're at the show, I hope you'll come out to say hi, ask questions and we'll talk Spring and Cloud Foundry. Obrigado!

  1. The replay on my humble webinar introducing Spring Session is online, check it out!
  2. Janne Valkealahti has just announced the latest release of Spring Security Kerberos 1.0.0.RC1, packed with new features and now - at long last!! - near GA! Go Janne and team, go!
  3. Spring and Groovy & Grails Tool Suite lead Martin Lippert just announced STS and GGTS 3.6.4.
  4. I put together a post on getting started with Spring Data Couchbase
  5. Spring XD ninjas Marius Bogoevici and Dr. Mark Pollack are going to be giving a webinar on April 28th that introduces using Spring XD and Apache Kafka to create reactive data-pipelines.
  6. I'll be giving a webinar on April 21st that introduces how to make smart service-to-service calls with Spring Cloud.
  7. This Week's SpringOne2GX 2014 replays are out! Check out Asychronous design with Spring and RTI: 1M events per second, Building a Recommendation Engine with Spring and Hadoop, and author Peter Harrington's Become a data-driven Organization with Machine Learning.
  8. Curious about the why Pivotal considers iteself at the nexus of Apps, Data and Cloud? Check out Matt Stine's SpringOne2GX replay for the answer.
  9. the Vaadin web framework now has official support for Spring and Spring Boot. This support is the official stamping of the code that Peter Holmst and I started, so I couldn't be more excited to see how far it's come and to see it finally graduate to an officially supported module.
  10. Intellij 14.1 is packed with all sorts of amazing Spring Boot goodness! Check out this post from JetBrain's Yann Cébron on some of the amazing new features and be sure to register for this March webinar in March with our own Stéphane Nicoll and Yann covering some of these amazing features!
  11. Heroku have put together a nice writeup on using Spring Cloud to build cloud native applications on Heroku
  12. Check out this video of Spring framework lead Juergen Hoeller recorded from Voxxed Days Austria
  13. Alex Williams put together a nice post on using Apache Brooklyn - an application blueprint and management system which supports a wide range of software and services in the cloud - to automate Cloud Foundry with their custom service broker. The idea is simple: a Cloud Foundry service broker talks to backend services (it's what drives the flow from cf services and cf create-service). Apache Brooklyn exposed as a service broker in this way is powerful; you only need one broker to expose the catalog of Brooklyn blueprints.
  14. Our pal Matt Stine just published a free e-book for O'Reilly on building cloud-native architectures.
  15. There are a few case studies on the Pivotal blog today. First, Jarrod Vawdrey's post on using data-science to predict TV viewer behavior and formulate a hit TV show is awesome
  16. Dwayne Forde has put together a nice case study on How Pivotal Performs Continuous Delivery of Mobile Services.

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