Spring Security 4.0.0 Released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Security 4.0.0.RELEASE which closes over 175+ tickets. You can find the highlights below:

WebSocket Support

Spring Security 4 added WebSocket Support. It is now possible to use Spring Security with Spring’s WebSocket support.

Spring Data Integration

Spring Security 4 added Spring Data Integration. It is now possible to refer to Spring Security’s user within Spring Data queries using SpEL.

Test Support

Spring Security 4 has added Test Support. It is now much easier to write tests with Spring Security applications.

More Secure by Default

As exploits against applications evolve, so must Spring Security. As a major release version, the Spring Security team took the opportunity to make some non-passive changes which focus on:

For complete details on migrating from Spring Security 3 to Spring Security 4 refer Migrating from 3.x to 4.x section of the reference.

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